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I shouldn’t even feel sorry for giving my friend the silent treatment. I told him twice I didn’t wanna watch that video and after I forgave him for pressing it, he pushed me to watch it again.

So yeah, I’m avoiding him for a while and I will not watch that video.

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that one dumb thing that is constantly reposted in your tracked tag


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I feel bad going offline just to get away from a friend, but he’s pushing me to watch a video I told him I have no interest in watch down my throat a bit too hard for 2 in the morning.

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Wow, look at these dorks that I couldn’t help but draw after somebody else drew them first.

My vote would be for Iceburg because he’s capable of forgiving childhood friends for horrible mistakes that they’ve made.

On dA.

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Make Me Choose

Jack Fenton or Vlad Masters (asked by anonymous)

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WHY DONT YOU LIKE INFINITE REALMS ????? I must know b/c it's one of my favorite episodes (I tell myself, when in reality I can only watch about half of it before I get really bored of it)
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Okay, the primary problem is Vlad.  Vlad Vlad Vlad Vlaaaaddddd.

This is the episode that starts the downward spiral of Vlad’s character.  He stares out a window and thinks “After twenty years of obsessively pursuing the same deranged goal, now that I am living in Amity Park and actually a lot closer to achieving said goal than ever, I have decided that my life is unsatisfying and I want to rule the universe instead.”

What is this “take me to my destiny” crap that Vlad pulls throughout this episode?  Vlad would never.  Vlad is a manipulative, intelligent, motivated villain with a clear goal in mind: to get Maddie and Danny on his side and to kill Jack Fenton.  I can accept a certain level of lust for power.  I mean, he made himself a billionaire by overshadowing people and stuff, so he clearly has overarching goals.  But to just want to rule somewhere for the sake of ruling it?

Why would Vlad travel to Ancient Rome just to be considered a god?  You’re telling me Vlad would abandon Maddie and Danny and everything he’s ever worked for just to have some random Roman citizens grovel at his feet?


This is not the Vlad I know and love for his cunning and crazy-clever ways.  This is a completely out of character Vlad with the sole desire to become a ruler of some place.  Vlad would never ask some ghost map to take him to his destiny.  He would craft his own.

Also, Danny and the gang are messing with time, but we get no Clockwork and also no repercussions for their actions?  What happened to “Masters of All Time” and “The Ultimate Enemy” where meddling with the past was actually an integral part of the episode that would need rectified in the end.  Now it’s just silly shenanigans with no consequences?  Why?

And the Far Frozen?  As much as I love that there are friendly ghosts out there, I just can’t help but wonder, again, why season three felt the need to introduce so many apparently-important things at the last minute.  This whole “portals open up everywhere randomly all the time” thing; the fact that there are friendly ghosts who basically worship Danny deep in the Ghost Zone (that have somehow, though, never contacted or helped him whatsoever?).  It’s all just…a lot to take in and very convenient for the plot.

I will give this episode two kudos: the action sequence animation is really good (particularly in the Danny/Vlad sky fights), and the concept of the blood blossoms just because it’s interesting phandom-wise.  Also they gave Tucker something to contribute, which is always refreshing in season three.

But yeah, I just.  Vlad.  Vlad is the primary reason I hate “Infinite Realms” because it is the start of the destruction of his character, and I can’t stand that.

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I am 80% sure my neighbors are drug dealers. What kind of family visits four-five times a day but only stays 5-10 minutes.

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The biggest bullshit moment in season three for me was the freakin’ GIW’s missile.

DUDES, it takes up only half of a small house’s basement and you think that’s gonna destroy an entire dimension in one go? AND WHY DOES A 14 YEAR OLD KNOW MORE ABOUT THE MULTIVERSE STRUCTURE THEN THE SCIENTISTS I ASSUMED YOU HIRED TO MAKE THE DAMN MISSILE!

Hey, turns out I got mad about the GIW’s missile a while ago

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It’s just so aggravating how little they tried in season three with ANYTHING.

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bout to rant about this scene for five years

This scene.  This scene.  UGHHH.

It’s awful.

So, my initial reaction to this scene is “Sam is talking about astrophysics in front of a portal to another dimension…AM I SURE I AM WATCHING DANNY PHANTOM AND NOT STARGATE BECAUSE I AM CONFUSED.”

And then I think about it and get angry.

First of all, this scene falls in the middle of an already-infuriating episode.  Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is out of character.  Danny has regressed to his season one selfish personality, and why?  Because of money??  I feel like this lesson about money going to your head has been learned and done and did not need to be touched on in the MIDDLE OF THE LAST SEASON at all.  Jack and Maddie are the MOST OUT OF CHARACTER EVER.  Jazz is barely existent, but even her two seconds of screen time are cringe-worthy.  Vlad is clueless.

And then this.

The worst part about this scene is that it is essential to the future plot of the show.  Before this episode, THIS RANDOM ASPECT OF THE GHOST ZONE HAS NEVER BEEN MENTIONED.  We made it two and a half seasons without bringing up the fact that this is apparently a parallel plane of existence to ours that, if destroyed, will somehow lead to our destruction as well??  And then that’s going to be a major factor in saving the world in the finale?


Also, Sam and Tucker.  Just what.  First off, why do they know more than an (albeit stupid) government agency about astrophysics?  Second, why does TUCKER KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ASTROPHYSICS?  If I recall correctly, Tucker is tech-savvy but not scientific, astrophysically-speaking savvy.  Why is this question just “Oh easy, these are the consequences pshhh”?  IS IT BECAUSE HE WATCHES STARGATE TOO?  I CAN’T EXPLAIN.  HE WAS GETTING REALLY POOR GRADES IN SEASON ONE WHEN DID TUCKER GET BRILLIANT??

Also Sam.  Sam I can bitterly accept a bit more just because she is always looking up stuff for the trio’s missions.  She looked up the Reality Gauntlet, she knows everything about everything, she is basically an encyclopedia know-it-all.  But how does she know this about the Ghost Zone?  Who decided this was a thing?  WHEN WAS THIS EVER A THING UNTIL RIGHT NOW??

I just don’t understand where this scene or this logic or this science came from or why it needed to be introduced by SAM AND TUCKER in the middle of an episode that I WISH I COULD JUST TELL PEOPLE TO SKIP when they’re watching the series because it is just so objectively bad.  But NO, you can’t skip it because then you get the finale when Danny’s like “Ghosts, please help me save Earth because it will therefore save the Ghost Zone too!”  

I don’t think that’s how planes of existence work, but I am just going to stop now because I’m already not making sense anymore because I’m angryyyy.

I just need to write an essay about season three basically ugh.

If I may add my own two cent into this, how about the fact that the GIW Missile is smaller than the Fenton’s basement which would be about the size of their average sized house. HOW COULD A SINGLE MISSILE SMALLER THAN A LIMO DESTROY AN ENTIRE UNIVERSE?! I could see it causing a lot of damage in the Ghost Zone but how can only ONE missile destroy that much matter? That would be like a drop of bleach poisoning an entire ocean.

And in Phantom Planet why would an entire dimension be wiped out if a single planet in the real universe was destroyed. There HAS to be life on at least one of the other trillions upon trillions of planets in the universe. They probably die and become ghosts too. Where would their ghosts go? THE GHOST ZONE. Other planets with life have also probably been destroyed at some point or another and the Ghost Zone was still there.

I could go on but I thik I’m heading more into headcanon territory than analyzing by now

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I would pay much moneys for a gif of Vlad moonwalking

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What if Vlad naturally had really curly hair but he has it straightened because it’s just a nightmare to deal with if he doesn’t

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So I heard it’s Earth Day


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Fruitloop practice